Curiosity Can Be Dangerous – Director’s Notes

Now I enjoy a Trump-ism as much as the next person, but – aside from the inclusion of clearly-labeled emergency exits – safety isn’t often what I’m seeking at a night out at the theatre.


Finding Strength: 5 Ways Purple Resonates with The Ghomeshi Effect

Purple has shaped the way we think about the show, from the advertising, to choreography, costumes and lighting design. So, we did a little digging to understand the history and meaning of purple and were surprised to find how much of it resonated with our show.

A Sneak Peek of The Ghomeshi Effect Script

Following the Ghomeshi trial many conversations opened up about why survivors of sexual violence do or do not come forward, and the conversation has continued as we discuss sexual assault and violence on university campuses. In this scene from The Ghomeshi Effect, three interviews explore the reality of coming forward with allegations of sexual violence, from the perspective of survivors and lawyers.

Leah Archambault rehearsing The Ghomeshi Effect

The Kids Are Alright, Trump and Sitting On a Man

By: Leah Archambault (Occasional Punk Singer and Dancer #3 from the right) On Friday November 4th, I had the opportunity to perform excerpts of The Ghomeshi Effect at Canterbury High School.  This performance is part of a larger conversation our director Jessica Ruano has started with Ottawa-area high school students about consent, sexual assault and…