The Ghomeshi Effect #TGEontour

Thank you to everyone who attended The Ghomeshi Effect (TGE) in Ottawa. We’ve had such a wonderful response to the show that we’re now making plans to take TGE on tour to high schools, universities, theatres, and community centres across Canada. Currently we are booked to tour Ontario and Alberta from October 29 to November 16, 2018.…

The eQuality Project presents TGE: Meet the Artists

Presented by the eQuality Project, The Human Rights Research and Education Centre, and The Shirley Greenberg Chair The Ghomeshi Effect is a verbatim dance-theatre performance that tackles sexual violence in Canada, particularly how it is handled in the legal system, through an edited series of documented interviews, and uses dance to inform and interrogate the…

Opening a dialogue of consent

Building a Culture of Consent

By Natalie Hanna (Warning – this blog contains troubling themes and images related to sexual assault.) Note: the contents of this blog are not intended to be legal advice and cannot be relied upon as such in your particular situation. See the list of resources at the bottom if you feel you need advice. Jump…

Sexual Assault Survivors, Lawyers, and Activists Speak Out Through The Ghomeshi Effect

The Ghomeshi Effect, a verbatim dance-theatre production that presents personal accounts of sexual assault survivors and the lawyers who handle their cases, opens Thursday, January 19 at The Gladstone Theatre. Throughout the show’s run, guest speakers – including Glen Canning, father of Rehtaeh Parsons – will take part in TGE Dialogues, a series of panel events about sexual assault, rape culture, PTSD, and the legal system.

A Sneak Peek of The Ghomeshi Effect Script

Following the Ghomeshi trial many conversations opened up about why survivors of sexual violence do or do not come forward, and the conversation has continued as we discuss sexual assault and violence on university campuses. In this scene from The Ghomeshi Effect, three interviews explore the reality of coming forward with allegations of sexual violence, from the perspective of survivors and lawyers.