Holiday Treat: Sneak Peek of Scene #2

We are less than a month away from opening night, and we almost can’t believe it! So in the spirit of giving during this holiday season we thought we would share another preview of our show.


Actor 1:

First of all, I have to light a cigarette because this can make me angry. “What is rape,” for starters. The fact that we’ve broadened the term to call it sexual assault is a good thing, but it also leaves other people open to say, “Well, that wasn’t really rape.” So let’s call it something else, and then it’s not so significant. Except that it is. I mean, recently that case in the States where the judge gave that kid at Stanford 6 months for assaulting, for raping an unconscious woman. That’s rape culture. That sends a signal out that “rape” is not really a serious offence.

Actor 2:

Because there’s only two ways about it, right, there’s consensual and rape. There’s not non-consensual sex, because sex is not violence, right? And this whole thing of liking it rough, rough sex. No. That’s violence. And there should be a division between that.

Actor 3:

Consent means saying yes. Comme…e-l’essence? l’essence de ca c’est de…de dire oui. Dire dans son coeur et dans son corps. Um. Ouain. I think… J’pense que…c’est-ce-que je pense. Le consentement pour moi c’est de donner la permission. Yeah. Is that okay? C’est correcte?

Actor 4:

This is how it always happens:

Actor 5:

So you’re making out, right, and then the hands start moving, and then either her hands start moving, or they don’t, and that’s what happens.

Actor 4:

But if hers don’t, then it’s usually like, I don’t want to do this. That’s it. And then you’re like, oh. And then you mentally change gears. Like, okay, I’m just going to put my huge erection away for now, and then hopefully that comes back.

Actor 5:

Fucking’s good shit, though, isn’t it?

Tickets for The Ghomeshi Effect are now on sale, and discounts of 15% are offered for group bookings of 10 or more. Recognising that finances are a barrier for some, 20 free tickets are on offer each night for those who cannot afford them. For more information e-mail

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